Welcome to Discover Publications! In this demo we are going to show you what’s included with My e-Newsletter, and how it’s designed to help real estate agents grow.

My e-Newsletter is a 4-page custom digital real estate newsletter, designed, written, and emailed for you to your database. This is a full-service, done-for-you content marketing program. Your subscription includes your newsletter, a digital library showcasing all your past editions, 2 custom emails deployed to your database each month, plus detailed reporting so you can gauge its effectiveness and real time alerts so you can strike when the iron’s hot.

The newsletter itself is four pages and includes several custom features. We do all the work and provide all the content. Your branding appears on the front and back, and on Page 3 with a custom call to action – we don’t just slap your logo on a mass-produced newsletter.

Custom Digital Library

Your digital library is a custom blog-style site we build and manage for you. This is included in your My e-Newsletter subscription. Every month, we’ll update this site with your latest newsletter edition. Our tech team can connect this to your website as well as help you integrate other features of My e-Newsletter into certain software you may use, completely free of charge.

Your digital library gives you easy access to your current and past editions of My e-Newsletter, which are valuable assets you can use anywhere you market! You can post your digital editions on Social Media, use them as blog posts, or as part of an online ad campaign. You can also download them as high resolution PDFs, and print them yourself.

We do offer printing and mailing service, but you are free to print and distribute them on your own. The only thing we ask is that you do not modify the content of the newsletters, including the Publisher information, for copyright and licensing purposes.

Email Campaign

Your email campaign is the star of My e-Newsletter. Each month, we’ll send 2 custom emails directly to your database, using your own email address. These emails will always be sent on the 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.

Your newsletter email features a direct link to your full newsletter, as well content from your newsletter including your Market Update and listings. It also includes your branding, signature, and call to action buttons for buyers and sellers.

These buttons link to your Digital Library homepage, where potential sellers can request a Home Evaluation and buyers can contact you about homes for sale. If you do not offer a free home evaluation, or you prefer different wording or the links, we can revise these calls to action to suit you.

Hot Lead Alerts

If anyone clicks a buyer or seller button on either email, you will receive an instant notification with the contact’s email, what button they clicked, and if available, their name and phone number. The prospect does NOT need to follow through and inquire for you to be notified, all they have to do is push the button on the email.

Additionally, we’ve placed calls to action and contact forms on your Digital Library. If a prospect completes one of these forms, you’ll receive an email with that inquiry. We can also embed special lead capture forms on your website – or use forms you already have in place – and set it up so anyone who fills them out will be added to your newsletter marketing list automatically.

Email Marketing Account

Your My e-Newsletter enrollment comes with your own email marketing account from our partner, ActiveCampaign. Up to 500 contacts may be added to your account as part of your subscription, and you can add more for small upcharge. ActiveCampaign is a robust email marketing platform, and many ready-to-go real estate email templates created by us at Discover. We will also have access to your email account, and we’ll use it to build and send your 2 monthly newsletter emails. These emails will go out like clockwork without you having to lift a finger, but if you want you can send additional emails through this system yourself. There is no limit to how many you can send, you are only limited by the number of contacts added to the account.

In your ActiveCampaign account, you can manage your contacts. Discover will set up your account and upload your initial list of contacts, and after that you can log in and add or remove contacts at any time. Every contact must be someone who has at some point agreed to receive your emails, they cannot be cold leads or from a purchased list. This is how we are able to maximize the number of emails that make it into inboxes rather than the SPAM folders.

Getting Started

Thanks for taking the time to learn about My e-Newsletter! We provided a lot of information in this demo, but rest assured that My e-Newsletter is a simple and easy program. We do all the work, and you get a high-quality, custom, hyper-local marketing system on auto-pilot. To give it a try, go to, click Get Started, and complete our simple sign-up form. You can enroll on a month by month basis, or save money with an annual subscription. And if you have any questions, give us a call, we’re here to help!